Cosmetologist & Trichologist

Theresa Hemmingway

Theresa Hemmingway is a loving mother of 2, Artis 23 & Amaris 18.   CEO / Editor & Chief of “,Textured Abyss” magazine & CEO of Nirvana Soleil: Hair Restoration Center & Image Makers.


28yrs ago Theresa was blessed with a vision & passion to restore hair to it’s natural beauty, vitality and fullness. Having worked with countless bridal magazines, “Modern Bride” & “Brides” to name a few. The Nirvana Angel Hair Care extraordinaire, worked many years behind the scenes of some of our most beloved Broadway performances, “Wicked”, “Jersey Boys” and “Lion King”. Theresa has worked with countless R&B celebrities, Faith Evans, Kelly Rowlands, Brittany Spears & a host of others. When she isn’t keeping brides magazine ready while walking down the aisle, working fashion week, or styling artists in the Entertainment Industry, Theresa is committed to providing services to our US Military, Homeless women and children & Trafficked Victims experiencing PTSD & Hairloss.

For years, Theresa has served as a mentor in her Hometown of Hillside NJ, educating & providing jobs to local youth,some of which were ex gang members. There had always been a genuine love for the youth and lives she has been blessed to touch. Being a divorcee, homeless mother of two , as well as, a victim of domestic violence, Theresa has helped women not only grow their hair back after traumatic life experiences, but also she helped women discover their voice.

“It has been my life’s calling & ministry…helping women put the pieces of their lives back together through certified counseling as well as reestablishing their positive self image”. ” For our Butterfly Fly Club, which is our Clientele of 5-15yr olds, we start them off from the beginning with “Self-Love 101″…” We teach them about haircare and why their hair is beyond beautiful & one of a kind”. “OUR Butterfly Club, are our tomorrow’s leaders… here at Nirvana Soleil we waste no time in filling them with positive affirmations one Butterfly at a time.

As a licensed and certified, Cosmetologist & Trichologist, Theresa is dedicated in educating her clients with the much needed health information to combat and conquer the war in hairloss. Theresa’s passion, and commitment was enhanced after losing a client in 1995 due to suicide. It was at this time the decision to erect a wellness center, encouraging, guiding and servicing women became her priority. Giving birth to “Nirvana Soleil”,which means “Heaven in the Sun”, has turned around countless lives for women and children alike. Theresa’s personal mantra and oral of wisdom she lovingly passes to anyone willing to recieve, “Through something ugly, something beautiful always happens” … ” I’m just an Angel here to help you find the ABSOLUTE BEST VERSION OF YOU “!