Hair Restoration

As a Cosmetologist and Trichologist, the intimate and exclusive service of skin & scalp hair reconstructors paired with specific massage/ scalp manipulation, aids in the regeneration of new hair growth for our hair loss clients. 

Specially formulated shampoo with organic conditioner stimulates and Jumpstart blood flow and oxygen release promoting stronger, fuller, and healthier hair. 

Crainal Prosthetics

For the client with temporary to permanent hair loss, our patented wig system (promoting healthier hair as it transitions from loss to gain) by creating Cranial prosthetics covered by most health insurance. 

Image Branding

For the clients and artists looking to rebrand their image, we provide image consulting services focusing on the untapped best version of the client and the audience they hoped to capture.  These services are customized for the client who may be corporate, entertainment industry, authors, or rehabbing from traumatic victimizing life experience resulting in PTSD be it US Military, homeless or trafficked ordeals. (The PTSD image consulting services also are in most cases covered by insurance)

Women & Children

Servicing homeless, abused & exploited women & children image consulting service.

*Assisting with getting them acclimated back into society

*Assisting in positive situations imagery

*Hair Restoration from PTSD

Spirit Restoration

A special service that we provide known as Spirit Restoration focuses on confidence building through hair and beauty.  Assisting the client in finding a renewed self-worth and rediscovering their true inner beauty despite life’s personal circumstances that may have fractured or damaged their positive self-perception and image.

Butterfly Club

This is our children’s clientele ages 5-15, through early healthy lessons on hair care, we teach while we provide hair care services to the butterflies, that your try beauty is not your loss but your spirit.  Nirvana Soleil reinforces positive self-imagery for these youngsters as we believe that children need strong titanium images and self-awareness, through self-love and acceptance of their own hair texture and respect for all the amazing things their hair uniquely can do. 

Referral Program

*1st Visit – Receive 20% Off

*Refer 5 new clients – Receive 35% Off all salon services (Mediceuticals, Install Services not included). 

*Refer 10 new clients – Receive 50% Off all salon services (Mediceuticals, Install Services not included). 

Phonix Sankofa 501c3 Uprising Young Entrepreneurs

This program is for inner-city kids (ages 10 -18).  Every month a new young entrepreneur will be featured – telling us how they are changing the world.

Billboard Angels

are clients featured on our public billboards advertised on major highways reaching services totaling $3K wiring a 1-4 Month period with a Glam Photoshoot, Hair and Make-up Services.

Textured Abyss Magazine

The journey of life thru the story of hair!  Interviewing all over about culture, ethnicity,  hair texture & the impact hair has had in communities across the nation and how they are viewed through the eyes of the world based on hair texture.

Prospective organizations affiliated with foster care, Homeless Shelters, trafficked individuals, cancer, and US Military, Nirvana Soleil will partner for volunteered centuries and cross-marketing. 

Nirvana Angel of the Month

Are YOU THE NEXT NIRVANA ANGEL?  Each month a Nirvana Angel is a carefully selected client who at some point, had hair loss, which started with hair and scalp damage and is now at 100% optimal hair beauty and strength, which is what we consider “Good Hair” which is “Healthy Hair”.  These clients have made a 180 in their hair restoration.  The Nirvana Angel is entitled to a:

*Glam photoshoot

*An interview that may be featured in our Salon MAGAZINE, “Textured Abyss”

*One Free Salon Service with a Trim (Special Services Do Not Apply)

*35% Off Salon Hairstyle for ONE Month Care

*Featured on Nirvana Soleil website and all advertisements 

(Salon Service Extensions, Chemical & Reconstructive services not included. Mediceudical products not included.)